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084 Mission Systems

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So, ah, Xiao Yan seems, everything is false, only grudge upgrade, is cheap snapback hats wholesale the most important!

Thus, Xiao Yan would not hesitate to choose this path. Koukou knock!

Get in!

Door crashed open, Xiao Yan and Jia Lieao This was supposed to be side by side into the residence Happy now been transformed into task space accommodation. Although they do not know why the other will come to this, but my heart for Happy majesty touches not have any Funi. Happy one unhappy case, the whole of their income to the deprived, they turn to cry go?

Come ah, quickly quickly, to see me for days and nights are arranged stuff. Happy enthusiastic pulled two men face has absolutely no sense of tension bragging, but added little to the side flips the supercilious Xianer Boss, I order you, ah, but the pains ah. Okay, I worked hard to play the games, you do not cheer, let me say, actually gave me loading understand! hit me right!

Boss ah, what is the use ah integration. Happy to see looking at his teeth, tightened Xiao Yan could not help himself, opening and asked, What, you do not even know? Happy surprised widened his eyes, I heard it wrong, you actually do not even know it? I'll give you a note jade Jane is not in it?

That ...... I chose a door after it came to your boss, and really not so pay attention. So ...... boss can explain to me under it? Jia Lieao scrambled sentence. Confucius said, Well, I do not know know know cheap snapbacks hats it as it as I do not know, that is knowledge of it! Although Jia Lieao do not know who Confucius is, cheap snapback hats but does not prevent his understanding is not Happy tangled, his bureau set up under the cover that they actually do not? Is Fates today to their house guest?

No justice ah, in order to live a little fun, I readily Well me!

Practicing very hard, but there are more lonely ah especially to the realm of the Happy Nowadays, however, is the accumulation of Bale. As bottleneck realm on Happy speaking for many years that I do not know what happened after so ah, you want to get some fun job ah. Or practice to the final seeding became saints, what is good?

So, Happy wanted ah, since things do not usually see, ah, what a circus, solve boredom is good too. So, after Happy brains, dead, one hundred and one brain cell, and finally he came up with a brilliant idea!

Not have infinite terror it? Nazan change under that model had moved here. No child uncomfortable ah ...

Have to say, Happy ... never enough ... this idea called the highest level of abuse people ah!

To understand the pupils doubts are always Happy pride lies, especially to the original IQ of the existence of such a pig hundred and fifty, that is none!

After Happy enthusiastic guide, Xiao Yan and Jia Lieao to several large packages at the expense of the head, finally hang of the function space of the cottage moderators God in simple terms, this cottage has three major space moderators God Role: 1, you can earn points and star rating by accepting the task. In general, the higher the star rating, the more Points Points what use is it? That usefulness can be big! Not only can be used to improve their grades, and can also be used in the same space where people trade. (For the time being only two), and even could get in exchange for guiding the integration of virtual characters that virtual characters are not ordinary, basically some have skills or master-level characters! But it costs Well ...... pricey ah. But in order not to blow the crowd's enthusiasm, decided to join the Happy provisional ballot system. As long as you have a thousand points, will be able to guide any one at random exist. Of course, this may be just the presence of a farmer, but also what might be a super-strong, and thanks to the presence of RP ah but ... as a host, the integration of the stars of nuclei Happy but can freely control the probability ah ... quack, they want wholesale snapback hats it.

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