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086 Stone spider body death march

(Very grateful 'monthly residual star broken off horizon' of 10,000 a reward! There 'single? Nuisance!' Is a reward!)

(About classification recommendation, the results fall sports hats down on the brush, so I have no strength codeword, ooo, ooo, Friends of the faithful, I want power, please give me power! Support! Please give me support ah !!! )

After a while, silence is finally finished laughing, smiling rubbed some stinging of the mouth, the eyes of joy still exists, but it is almost subsided because wordless know, their own and others, although become strong, but from becoming real strong, there is still some distance, their strong road, can only be regarded as soon embark on such a reason, daisies and Mikoto also understand, do not say daisies, even Mikoto, still feel that they have long way to go, whether it is in front of Icarus, or the city academy where one way, better than their own, powerful too much!

To save his own sisters have to wait at least eight bands rose to 70, be considered eligible, of course, can only be considered after all, even if they are eligible to be able to beat one way, but, to completely save the sisters, you have to do Well, with the entire city academy enemies ready!

Silent But said, the sisters are very important part of Juarez tower plan, they should complete their own rescue, you have an enemy with Alec Starr, and silent mouth, Alec Starr angel bird around enemies, and, with the entire city academy enemies!

Themselves, but also have to become stronger job!

As for Daisy, she wanted to become strong reason is simply more, sports hats online just to be able to catch up with the silence, are eligible to stand in silence beside him solve problems, this is all she wants to become strong!

Daisy looked at the corpse underground, frowned, will be at the side of a very well-behaved little 莉琳 in his arms, and said: Words are, we get out of this place, this place ... I do not like ...

Heard, Mikoto is frowned, skimming the ground one, they immediately look away, look to silence, silence, etc. make up their minds, ah, we move it!

Daisies and Mikoto know two women still can not face such a scene, wordless act decisively said, anyway, these bodies have figured out the cause of death, then stay here, it is not necessary to go in the stone trail, wordless, who appears to be very careful, those bodies on the ground, can be said to lie a times, even if not short wordless, who marched away, a lot of dead bodies lying on the ground or you can say a whole stone trail all the bodies, although come later, the body was significantly reduced a lot, but silent, who's heart, but it is raised even higher up just because, with the silent, who more and more deeply, the bodies on the ground while reducing the number of them, however, Strength is getting high!

Beginning to see the bodies of those who are still alive five bands below, and as more and sport hats more deeply silent, et al., The bodies on the ground, the stronger the strength of his lifetime, so, go now, before it is no Yan et al., as have the strength to hurt themselves and others six bands, also died a lot!

Six bands, which was the same level and silent presence ah!

This presence, in this treasure hunt team, too, but there are a hundred come just, terrible, silent and others along the way, just to see the bodies of six bands, there are thirty to come!

This is nearly a third of six bands, and this team has so many dead six bands, silent and others how can we not vigilant together?

So, along the way, silent, daisies and Mikoto three systems are open all the time perception, Icarus is the system of perception and the perception of her own alternately open system, constantly scanning everywhere, in order to avoid an accident wordless, who perhaps only Small Lilin is the most relaxed, and before others in order to want to leave speechless, her wayward playing hard, who want to bring her speechless, but now, she told came, in order not to trouble his brothers and sisters, so Her unusual cute, does not speak, just quietly stay daisies arms is because of this, only agreed to bring her silent, of course, just cute, silent no point did not dare to force small 莉琳 brought some props from the system either yesterday in exchange for small 莉琳, small 莉琳 can not guarantee the exact accident, otherwise, even then how, silent nor will it bring Rock Road is not straight, but curved tortuous, and turn, and the silence was almost dizzy five people turn up, in silence, who turned a corner again, again appeared in front of sports hats wholesale a lot stone!

This time, wordless, who can not be naive to think that they are ordinary stones, stopped the team's pace, wordless, who immediately stepped back, and even nerves are taut up there is no way not taut, prior experience had told them, the bigger the stone, the stone body from the inside out spider is bigger, and now appears in front of the stone silent, et al., than those encountered before, have big heads!

At the same time, all the stones again 'Kaka' rang, explosive sound boring after a while, many of the stone itself once again in front of the silent spider et al.

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